Sexism is the least evil thing about Uber

The outrage over Susan Fowler's account of rampant, unchecked sexual harassment and gender discrimination at Uber is a perfect storm of woke sex crime hysteria and corporate lean-in logic. It plays on liberal feminism's tendency for sensationalizing sexual misconduct at the expense of structural inequality and plays to its newly minted role as the handmaiden of technocratic neoliberalism. The fact that media outlets from The New York Times to USA Today are tripping over their dicks to pick up the story—its built-in viral potential—should be a dead giveaway that you are being duped.

What looks like a potentially ruinous scandal is actually a massive PR victory for Uber. They'll announce their intention to mount an "urgent investigation" into the alleged claims, i.e. sacrifice a couple of middle managers who were "just following orders" and symbolically replace them with women of color, only to resume business as usual. Most likely, the announcement itself will curb any meaningful action before it can take place. Meanwhile, some "independent" researchers will undertake an audit that finds the solution is "more women in STEM." Never mind that the organizational chaos and bureaucratic stonewalling Fowler describes are hardly unique to Uber, but in fact a bug (feature?) of the tech industry at large. And never mind that her idea of feminism is still making individual gains in a male-dominated field (notice the cheerful plug of the bestseller she somehow managed to write while being emotionally gaslighted by upper management).

Don't get me wrong, Uber is a menace and must be stopped, but sounding the rape culture alarm is a distraction from the real issue that it and other organizations like it are the enemy of labor! Sexism and misogyny will not be "solved" by hiring more female tech leads and CEOs, but through an advanced state apparatus that protects all people against the predatory designs of Silicon Valley.