The Realpolitik of Beverly Hills

Given two assumptions:

  1. Narcissism is not extreme self-love, but rather, extreme self-preoccupation in the absolute sense, i.e. encompassing both "positive" delusions like egomania and "negative delusions like self-loathing (as The Last Psychiatrist says);
  2. Narcissism is our generational pathology (TLP again, following Christopher Lasch);

One could argue that the narcissist's inability to attain happiness comes down to his inability to experience love. And that, his inability to experience love, in turn, comes down to his basic contempt for those who would attempt to love him.

The Girl Who was in Stieg Larsson’s Spank Bank

One man's feminist is another man's fantasy.

In the film version of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, protagonist Lisbeth Salander endures a brutal anal rape for her allowance then returns for cosmic justice. (In real life, the actress who plays Salander, Rooney Mara, apparently endured a nipple piercing and awkward conversation with director David Fincher to get the role.) Keep in mind that you are being supplied with an alternative American title for your own sanity; the original Swedish title is Män som hatar kvinnor (“Men who Hate Women”), and it hits closer to home than you or Larsson would ever know. Sensing you might figure this out, they’ve given you comforting filler.